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She battled every fire she ever faced.
He’s risking everything for the chance to belong.

Veteran and therapist Natalie Atkinson watched her Army career explode in her face. All she ever wanted was to help people carry their burdens. Seeking a new future in Last Chance County doesn’t start so well when she’s the one being rescued from a client’s burning house. To make matters worse, now she’s stuck evaluating the truck and rescue squads for the fire department. When the chief overhears why she left her last job, she’s determined to prove to him and her boss that she’s still the right therapist to assess his crew.

No matter if success takes everything she’s got.

Fire Chief Macon James is the right man for the job. He doesn’t need a therapist interfering with the running of his crew or putting his position in jeopardy when a counselor is what tore his family apart. He’s got to get his firefighters to be a team, and he can do it without Natalie’s help. After an explosion destroys her car, it quickly becomes clear she might need him as much as everyone thinks he needs her. If these two stubborn hearts will surrender, they could have everything they want.

Or it could all go down in flames.

A mail-order mistake…

Or a made-to-be match?

When Della Mae Wagner’s train arrives in Missouri, she’s shocked to find that the couple who hired her don’t just want a teacher for their grandsons but a wife for their son! After a broken engagement, marriage is not in Della’s plans. And Hank Lamson isn’t pleased—with his parents, with his unexpected guest or with Della’s unfairly appealing smile. But his plans to send her packing are foiled as his family comes to love her…and he feels the walls around his wounded heart start to fall
The Rancher's Want Ad Mix-up cover.jpg
The Rancher's Want Ad Mix-up cover.jpg

Writing Accolades


Unpublished Stories:

ACFW 2016 Genesis Finalist: Novella & Speculative Categories.


ACFW 2016 Genesis Semi-Finalist: Novella, Short Novel & Speculative Categories.


Love Inspired 2016 Historical Manuscript Matchmakes, Betrothal Stage.


ACFW 2015 Genesis finalist: YA Category.


MCRW’s 2014 Melody of Love Contest, 1st place, New Adult Category.


RWA FHL 2015 Touched by Love Award, 2nd place, Short Contemporary Category.


NTRWA 2015 Great Expectation, 2nd place, Inspirational Category. 



For the Love of Taffy

Splickey Love Magazine, August 2015



The Cost

Splickety Love 1.2 Issue




Splickety Love 1.1 Issue







Short Stories:


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